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This page presents answers to commonly asked questions concerning the establishment of the new Town of Grant-Valkaria. The answers provided herein are intended to be informational only and not intended to give legal advice or form a legal opinion.

Q: Did my mailing address change to Grant-Valkaria when the Town incorporated?

A: No. In fact, if you put Grant-Valkaria on your mail it may get incorrectly routed or returned. Mailing addresses are established by the U.S. post-office. The post office database does now associate the 32949 zip code with the Town of Grant-Valkaria.

Q: What happened to the Zoning of my property when we incorporated?

A: According to the Town Charter, all zoning in effect at the time of incorporation remains in effect.

Q: Is the Brevard County Building Department still issuing Building Permits in the Town?

A: Brevard County passed an ordinance allowing the County to continue to issue building permits for construction in the Town of Grant-Valkaria.

Q: Is Brevard County still processing zoning change requests for property within the Town of Grant-Valkaria?

A: The Brevard County Commission has stopped processing zoning changes or variances for property within the Town effective the date of incorporation. Re-zonings are now handled by the Town Staff at Town Hall.

Q: Why Grant-Valkaria as a town name?

A: The town name was chosen by the Charter development working group.The residents voted to keep the name.