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2014 Town Council Agenda & Minutes

January 2014 
01/22-Agenda (Minutes)
01/08-Agenda (Minutes)

February 2014 
02/12 -Agenda (Minutes)

March 2014
03/12 -Agenda (Minutes)

April 2014
04/23 -Agenda (Minutes)

May 2014
05/22 -Agenda (Minutes)- (See also-"Workshops")
05/14 -Agenda (Minutes)

June 2014
06/11 -Agenda (Minutes)

July 2014
07/23 -Agenda (Minutes) - (See also-"Workshops")
07/09 -Agenda (Minutes)

August 2014
08/13 -Agenda (Minutes)
08/06 -Agenda (Minutes)
(See also-"Workshops")

September 2014
9/24 -Agenda (Minutes)
9/10 -Agenda (Minutes)

October 2014
10/22 -Agenda (Minutes)
(See also-"Workshops")
10/15 -Agenda (Minutes)
- (See also-"Workshops")
10/08 -Agenda (Minutes)

November 2014
11/12 -Agenda (Minutes)

December 2014

12/10 -Agenda (Minutes)


Grant-Valkaria Town Council

The Town Council will hold regular meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

The meetings in the table above are the planned meetings - there may be changes or additional meetings which will be reflected in the table and postings. Residents will also be notified by email if they are on the Town email list.
There will be a "Pckg" link for every Council Meeting in the above table for which a package is generated.
This is a link to the package that Staff prepares for Council for each meeting. The package contains the agenda and details and information on each of the agenda items. The package will be available on line until the next meeting.
Residents can download the Council package and have access to the same information that Council has.
The Council package for each meeting will be
posted as soon as available.
The Council package is also available at Town Hall.

P.O. Box 766 Grant, FL 32949 - 2006 Town of Grant-Valkaria