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2010 Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) Agenda & Minutes

January 2010 

01/25 -Agenda ( Minutes )

February 2010

02/22 -

March 2010

03/22 -

April 2010
04/26 -Agenda ( Minutes )

May 2010

05/24 -Agenda ( Minutes )

June 2010

06/28 -Agenda( Minutes)

July 2010

07/26 -Agenda( Minutes)

August 2010

08/23 -

September 2010

09/27 -

October 2010
10/25 -Agenda ( Minutes)

November 2010
11/22 -

December 2010
12/27 -


Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z)

The P&Z will meet on the 4th Monday of each month if there are applications to be heard.
The meetings in the table above are the planned meetings - there may be changes which will be reflected in the table and postings. Residents will also be notified by email if they are on the Town email list.

NOTE: Beginning May 26, there will be a "Pckg" link for every P&Z Meeting in the above table.
This is a link to the package that Staff prepares for the P&Z Board for each meeting. The package contains the agenda and details and information on each of the agenda items.
Residents can download the P&Z package and have access to the same information that P&Z Board has.
The P&Z Board package for each meeting will be
posted as soon as available and for one week after the meeting.
The P&Z Board package is also available at Town Hall.


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